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The Goob October 30, 2008

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October 30, 2008: While I was galavantin’ out west my family got a new puppy. Goober Peas Moseley. 100% hound dog.



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October 29, 2008: Today I enjoyed a 2-hour “Classic Spa Treatment” given to me as a post-trip treat/get-ready-to-return-to-NYC prep. For those of you familiar with the NRV, I went to Yellow Sulfer Springs, an old resort erected in 1810 around the natural spring. Of late, they’ve turned part of the grounds into a spa facility, with a menu of goodies to choose from. It’s quite lovely, actually…


sticking around

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I’ve decided to keep up writing Go Go Pance, eventhough my road trip extravaganza is over. But aren’t we always going somewhere is what I say. I probably lost the lot of you guys, since I’m back. But stick around, I feel like this can remain relevant on a daily basis. Have adventures, will write.


landed October 27, 2008

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little things

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One thing per stop to remember not to forget:
Albuquerque, NM: Drove for about 1 mile on historic Route 66. Kicks. Check.
Denver, CO: Found a post office via Garmin Bitch to mail some stuff, the folks in front of me had just moved out there from Brooklyn
Moab, UT: Wore my VT hat to go buy the bottle of Maker’s Mark that traveled with me the rest of the trip. The liquor store cashier said, “Hey Hokie! You’re a long way from home.” Yes, precisely why I need the whiskey.
Jackson, WY: Watched “Walk the Line” in my horror-movie hotel room (wood paneling, mmhmm) and thinking briefly that they were singing about the Jackson I was actually in
Missoula, MT: The U of MT marching band practiced the entire time I walked up to the M, adding the soundtrack to my hike
Whitefish, MT: While shopping in the overpriced boutiques downtown one shop-owner, after learning I was from NYC, wanted to know if I was an actress



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October 27, 2008: I’m back on the east coast now, safe, sound, weary, but still ridin’ high on Pance-a-Palooza 2008. It feels like the end of summer camp, having met new friends, experienced new things, stretched myself to new emotional limits. I get a little teary thinking about it being over. So much preparation and adrenaline, all on a slow leak out of my system.

Top 5 General Trip Observations:
1) If one is not a skier, as I am not, October is just the right time to visit the locales on my itinerary. Post summer traffic, pre winter rush.

2) Always keep a clean windshield for drive-by photo opportunities

3) Our National Park System is phenomenal. Dear friends of mine who are more politically minded, you may know something I don’t, so don’t ruin it for me. For the past two weeks I galavanted in/out/around several National Parks and it seems as if, in my uneducated opinion, we did that right.

4) My gas never dipped below half a tank. Yay me! Final trip mileage and add another 50 (I forgot to hit the trip set until Sante Fe, NM):







5) Best invention ever:


take that October 26, 2008

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Aforementioned Wrangler Heath took me on my last official Dude Ranch ride. We tiptpoed quietly (Blue Duck eating all the way) onto private property in order to reach the destined viewpoint. The pictures are not quite telltale, but the view was breathtaking. I saw Glacier National Park afterall (look in the center background on pic #2 for the outline), except on horseback with a cute boy leading the way.