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d-laid: and not that kind October 11, 2008

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October 10, 2008: We live in a delaytion. Ha. Cool, right? Am I original or did someone else come up with that first? So, I finally fly out of Charlotte, NC, after a painful stop. rev. stop. rev. stop. rev. on the tarmac. 2:00pm flight delayed until 3:30pm-ish. Ish my ass. Needless to say I missed my connection to Albuquerque.

Thankfully I have friends in high places who gifted me Delta Drink cards. Pictured. To ease the delaytion tension I asked for vodka on my first leg:

Pance: Vodka?

FA [empty]: Wodka?

Pance [desperate]: Vodka?!?

FA [apologetic]: No…. just water on this flight.

Shit. Well, at least the first letter matched somewhere in her mind, if the buzz did not.

Second leg I’m rolling to ABQ, high on Nanotunes and neat Finlandia. Two hours of my life returned. I think I spent them well.


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