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Tramtastic October 13, 2008

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October 12, 2008: Today began, as most days do, with breakfast, adorned with many friends and even more family. Next was a trip on the Sandia Tram, the “World’s Longest Aerial Tram.” Jealous, what?!? Crazy cousin Toots and I had “Silver Coin” margaritas at the cloudy top (I’m learning how to order Margs out here) and then headed back down the mountain for Sunday Night Football and vegetarian chilli. Tomorrow I leave Albuquerque for Denver and I’m planning to take the long way. I hear weather is iffy in MT right now (my final destination), hopefully by the time I arrive skies will be sunny.


3 Responses to “Tramtastic”

  1. mike Says:

    I love that second photo. So jealous!
    Also jealous of the margharita!

    So that’s what toots looks like 🙂

    safe trip

  2. Susan Says:

    Let’s upon up a restaurant in Sante Fe… Hope all is well on the western front…and leave this to the roaches and mice….

  3. Ash Says:

    That second picture of the Tram is fantastic. I must admit that I’m slightly jealous that I didn’t take it myself. Of course, I don’t think that I would respond so well to any moving object, hanging on a tenuous cable, that high in the air. So…maybe…better you than me. And by maybe I mean absolutely. Does Toots ever visit the ‘Burg? She looks like a character. I think that I might like to have a margarita with her myself. Send my regards. I will be checking in on your travel journals periodically during your journey. Please know that at some point I expect tales of a Navajo Indian ritual in which, you became a)covered in toxic frog slime, b)began hallucinating, c)married in to a local tribe (of course you won’t be sure because you don’t speak the language)and, d)found the secret to life while participating in what you believe to be a rain dance. Thanks so much.

    See you soon,

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