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i see trees of green October 14, 2008

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October 13, 2008 A: Long day today driving from ABQ to Denver. I didn’t, in fact, “go the long way” as previously blogged. I ended up only making one pit stop in Sante Fe (RENT anyone? Love you Suz) and didn’t stray far from I25. I walked around the plaza, bought a pair of earrings from the Indian street merchants and went on my merry way north. Sante Fe. Check.

Top 5 Takeaways from Albuquerque:

1) There are tortillas at every meal

2) There are green chilies *in* every meal

3) The hot air balloon should be the state bird

4) It’s brown; very, very brown

5) Biased write-in: The Obenshains+ are unbelievably fun hosts; bottomless margaritas and thank yous for showing me truly fantastic time. If only we were closer…

After leaving Sante Fe I took a break in Raton, New Mexico. I mean, who wouldn’t want to gas up in Rat?

Continuing on post-Rat (going 75MPH b/c that’s the posted speed limit out here. sweet) I came across “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” signage. Hmm. There was a noticeable landscape difference to Downtown Julie Brown… but, still. So far Colorado, though gorgeous, doesn’t hold a candle to east coast foliage. A Virginian by birth and a New Yorker by proximity, evergreen does not = colorful in the thesauras o’ Pance.

Pictures are forthcoming. My camera battery died, so I took all of yesterday’s pix with a disposable. Must find local 1 hour photo.


One Response to “i see trees of green”

  1. Daryl Says:

    I’m glad you made it safely to CO. I will definitely follow you along your trip. Look forward to seeing all your wonderful adventures, enjoy:-)

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