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trip change October 16, 2008

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October 16, 2008: For those of you [maybe] wondering what I’m driving, here is a pic of the Moseley Roadster (Toyota Corrola) outside of my cousin Dave’s house in Denver.

After a lukewarm response from *all* family members regarding my stop in Salt Lake City, I’ve opted to skip it. SLC will hereby be replaced with a drive to Arches National Park and hotel reservations in Moab, UT. From there I return to the regularly scheduled program, with the next stop in Jackson, WY. 

I’m leaving Denver this morning and would like to send a hearty thank you to cousin Dave for the superb hospitality, the Maker’s Mark, the laundry facilities and mostly the conversation. Hope to see you again sooner than later!


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  1. […] David’s house in Washington Park, park pictured. I also stayed with him for a few days on my GoGoPance Adventure 2008. We drank some beers, ordered some Thai and watched the Broncos’ season opener. Twas nice to […]

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