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where beer comes from October 16, 2008

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October 15, 2008: As per developing habit I began the day at Starbucks, less for the coffee, more for the internet.

Leaving breakfast, I got on I70 West to head toward Red Rocks Amphitheater and a quick one-mile hike around the area. The theater was closed off to the public today, so I only got an outside sense of what seeing an actual concert would feel like. I was flicking my bic, if only in my mind. Maybe one day.

I’m also learning how to operate my camera’s self-timer and a new portable tripod. Watch out.

Leaving Red Rocks I continued on I70 West toward Golden Gate Canyon State Park for more hiking. On the highway I was blown away by my first real unobstructed view of the mountains. Probably not the best idea to drive-n-shoot, but the scene wouldn’t capture itself. The Aspens appeared on their way out of peak color, but I managed to catch a couple golden moments nontheless. Ba dump bump.

New revelations = altitude can be a factor; rattlesnakes are a definite factor

Hike complete, back into the car I go to drive up to Boulder for a late lunch at a bad Mexcian joint, Juanitas. Home to the University of Colorado, Boulder seems to have all the appropriate aspects of a cool college town (bad Mexican joints, etc). Go Buffs! This makes me chuckle.

Observations of Colorado:

1) If you don’t bike, you are no one

2) They card at every bar

3) Folks don’t generally appear as cold as I am

4) Reading a map = sudden hankering for beer (Golden… Keystone…)


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