vaya con pance

three tequila, floor October 19, 2008

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Per earlier blog entry, I went to Jackson Hole’s Sidewinders to catch the Hokie vs. BC game tonight. One lone barside TV was tuned to ESPN2 and an empty barstool directly opposite was mine. Dibs. Ended up talking to a Jackson local for half of halftime and most of the 3rd quarter, though his name now escapes me. Small world = his good friend Andy “from 7th grade” (how is it I remember that part?) is part owner of NYC’s own Tortilla Flats. Thinking to self: how many folks *does* it take to own the lil Mexican joint that could, home to birthday spankings, hula hoops and free tequila shots with every meal. BINGO!

He also thought I had spent the day Elk hunting because of my hat (Orange. VT. Hokies). Yes, he was serious. AND he was more than excited to further discuss Elk migratory habits and fall white water rafting schedules. I had one ear and half an eye on him, and the rest of me was into my after-dinner bourbon and the 4th quarter. Here’s hoping they won’t be shooting at Hokies tomorrow.


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