vaya con pance

covered October 23, 2008

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October 23, 2008: Haven’t checked in to El Dudo Rancho yet. Instead, here I sit at Kalispell, MT’s one and only Starbucks, havin’ a joe… hanging with my friends inside the laptop.

Drove straight to Glacier National Park from Missoula to go on two quickish hikes I picked out. I completed the first one, Trail of the Cedars; the second had me winding on a single lane gravel road into the woods for two miles. I freaked out a little. I started to feel oddly claustrophobic and was hit by a sensation that being completely alone in acres and acres of nature is just as suffocating as the NYC subway at rush hour. So I aborted the mission, drove straight here and inserted the internet needle into my aching vein. It’s disappointing, but *this* is what I know. Compuhuman contact.

Tomorrow is a another day. Hopefully will be better. Parents, please don’t freak out from this post – I am fiiiine šŸ™‚


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