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foliage fix October 23, 2008

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October 22, 2008: Have been in Missoula since last night and spent a majority of today perfecting the beauty of chillin’ in my hotel room. Much needed. Come late afternoon I ventured out for a walk around the University of Montana campus (Go Griz!) and a hike up the “M Trail.” To my surpirse, Missoula’s leaves are in full change mode, it was nice to feel greeted with some paintbrush strokes from the east coast. And some were even Maple! Notice the “M” on the side of Mount Sentinel. M for Moseley I say.

After the hike, I went by the student center to grab a warm beverage, write some postcards and soak in the academia ambience when a passerby stopped me.
Stoner Student Type: “Wooah, hey! Virginia Tech… are you frooom Virginia?”
Pance: “Hey, yeah…”
SST: “What part?”
Pance: “Blacksburg actually.”
SST: “Oh wooww. Cool. I went to Radford for two years.”
Pance: “Me too! Well, 4 actually. Did you transfer out here from there?”
SST: “Yeaaah, way more snow and skiing here.”
Had to chuckle at the “pro” hierarchy scale of the average education seeker.


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