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city slicker October 25, 2008

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I got up early this morning to breakfast with the family, staff and Jacksonvillians. Biscuits, gravy, poached eggs and sausage links. And coffee. And orange juice.

At 9:30 I went out for my two-hour ride on Blue Duck, who is, so I’m told, a pivotal character from Lonesome Dove. Blue Duck likes to eat and stopped a lot to do so. I yanked on the reigns as hard as my numb hands could yank and kicked as hard as my numb feet could kick. But Blue Duck knew I was a city slicker, and we moved when he was good-n-ready and only then. I was kind of embarrassed I didn’t have more control, but whatareyagonnado. I ride subways, not horses.

I spent the afternoon driving around Kalispell having a vicious inner debate on how to spend my final day. Do I face the fear and take on Glacier again for a hike? Or do I “cowgirl up” and stay on the ranch?


One Response to “city slicker”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Heh, love the matter-of-fact – I ride subways, not horses. maybe cowboys? 🙂

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