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little things October 27, 2008

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One thing per stop to remember not to forget:
Albuquerque, NM: Drove for about 1 mile on historic Route 66. Kicks. Check.
Denver, CO: Found a post office via Garmin Bitch to mail some stuff, the folks in front of me had just moved out there from Brooklyn
Moab, UT: Wore my VT hat to go buy the bottle of Maker’s Mark that traveled with me the rest of the trip. The liquor store cashier said, “Hey Hokie! You’re a long way from home.” Yes, precisely why I need the whiskey.
Jackson, WY: Watched “Walk the Line” in my horror-movie hotel room (wood paneling, mmhmm) and thinking briefly that they were singing about the Jackson I was actually in
Missoula, MT: The U of MT marching band practiced the entire time I walked up to the M, adding the soundtrack to my hike
Whitefish, MT: While shopping in the overpriced boutiques downtown one shop-owner, after learning I was from NYC, wanted to know if I was an actress


One Response to “little things”

  1. Fletch Says:

    Hey Hokie … everyone from New York (originally or per lease)is an actor in one way or another. 😉

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