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tripservations October 27, 2008

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October 27, 2008: I’m back on the east coast now, safe, sound, weary, but still ridin’ high on Pance-a-Palooza 2008. It feels like the end of summer camp, having met new friends, experienced new things, stretched myself to new emotional limits. I get a little teary thinking about it being over. So much preparation and adrenaline, all on a slow leak out of my system.

Top 5 General Trip Observations:
1) If one is not a skier, as I am not, October is just the right time to visit the locales on my itinerary. Post summer traffic, pre winter rush.

2) Always keep a clean windshield for drive-by photo opportunities

3) Our National Park System is phenomenal. Dear friends of mine who are more politically minded, you may know something I don’t, so don’t ruin it for me. For the past two weeks I galavanted in/out/around several National Parks and it seems as if, in my uneducated opinion, we did that right.

4) My gas never dipped below half a tank. Yay me! Final trip mileage and add another 50 (I forgot to hit the trip set until Sante Fe, NM):







5) Best invention ever:


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