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it’s about being smaht November 27, 2008

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November 27, 2008: Five guys on a stage, with matching stances behind microphones, performing in what appears to be a large arena can only really equal one thing. Are you ready fo fo fo fooorrrr the New Kids oooonnnn the BLOCK! My name is Pance and for the better part of 1989-1991ish I was addicted to NKOTB. Hi Pance.

As all the best best friends do, they predict and plan the fun without prompt. And mine (thank you Spory) saved a recent Behind the Music featuring the comeback of said addiction on her DVR *just* for my visit over the last two days. So we drank some beers, queued up the tellie and giggled over our boy band crush from years past. This we did two nights in a row. And yeah, they’re old now. We’re old now. But absolutely nothing has changed.


weeee November 24, 2008

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November 24, 2008: Last night after watching the Giants beat Arizona at Resevoir, I popped my Wii cherry at a gay bar on E 14th. Finally. Phew. Several of us engaged in some post-game Wii Bowling and a little Wii Baseball. The character names already in the system were interesting (“Beyonce” is the only one GoGoPance-friendly). WiiHoo! greta_wiiwii_bowling1



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November 24, 2008: I love the NYC subway system. It’s [mostly] reliable and quite handy and I dare say the most intricate in the world. But despite the daily drudgery it serves, I think the platforms, cars and turnstiles can be hauntingly photogenic (ahem, romantic even?). Look for more subway shots to come. If anything, it’s a creative way to survive the wait.lorimer1


tip-toeing November 21, 2008

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November 21, 2008: Flowers, even of curious hues, will always woo a high-school grin out of me.fleurs


life is what happens November 18, 2008

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November 18, 2008: Boy, it sure doesn’t take long for routine to completely take over your life. Before you know it, days have ticked by and not one moment has been salvaged from scheduling. Professional scheduling, social scheduling, hygiene scheduling. Whathaveyou. I say this as a masked apology because GoGoPance has clearly suffered. I miss my fingers typing for reasons other than work, must-email-this-friend-back-before-they-write-me-off and, well, FB status updates. I miss my brain engaged in ways that crinkle its edges. I am a zombie. I have no photo to memorialize this. I’m kinda glad I don’t.


feels like the first time November 10, 2008

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November 10, 2008: First day back in the ol’ office…. juuuust about over. Phew. As I status’ed myself on Facebook – it all felt like the first day of school. I picked out my outfit last night, packed my lunch this morning and was showered with “Welcome Back” squeals of love for most of the day. It was nice to be missed during my October vacation. You’ll find my report here. And yes, I stayed cool.

Yesterday I took a 3-hour walk around the neighborhood, down to and over the Williamsburg Bridge. It was my way of jumping feet first into my “new” scene. No more vast midwest landscapes or snow-peaked mountain tops through which to hike. Those trails are all behind me. Now it’s just you-n-me New York City. Get a rope.


i’m in November 8, 2008

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November 8, 2008:  I’ve been back in the city a couple days now and it feels weird. I liken it to when I first moved here about 5 and a half years ago, doe-eyed and behind. It’s easy to fall behind the beast, i.e. I’m walking slower than everyone else since the pace escaped my body. I feel like there is a beacon over my head that says, “New to city.” I don’t feel comfortable quite yet. Monday I go back to the office. I don’t think I need to ‘splain that reality.

My rental car for the trip here was tres better than the Toyota Crapola I had for two freakin’ weeks. Pictured, heading to the Big Apple in a Lil Apple. And some welcoming bumper-to-bumper in the Lincoln Tunnel.