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label maker November 4, 2008

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November 4, 2008: I’ve been staying at home in Blacksburg for a little over a week now, plus the time I was here before THE Trip. This means I have Mom cooking for me (and genuinely wanting to), offering to do my laundry (and meaning it), emptying Gracie’s litter box (okay, maybe not really wanting to, but still doing it smiling). It’s amazing the gogogadget Mom Mode she morphs into, as if no time at all has gone by, as if I’m not BigGirlNance (ok, so that’s kinda debatable). I think it’s great! Now, if only *I* could retro myself back. Think how much I’d have to look forward to.

So I wake up this morning, parents have gone to vote and I have the house to myself. Except, I’m not really alone, because I quickly find Notes. She is omnipresent, Moming me through daily life, from morn ’til night. I love it. It makes me smile. img_4701img_4703


One Response to “label maker”

  1. belz Says:

    funny that they took goober with them to vote!

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