vaya con pance

i’m in November 8, 2008

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November 8, 2008:  I’ve been back in the city a couple days now and it feels weird. I liken it to when I first moved here about 5 and a half years ago, doe-eyed and behind. It’s easy to fall behind the beast, i.e. I’m walking slower than everyone else since the pace escaped my body. I feel like there is a beacon over my head that says, “New to city.” I don’t feel comfortable quite yet. Monday I go back to the office. I don’t think I need to ‘splain that reality.

My rental car for the trip here was tres better than the Toyota Crapola I had for two freakin’ weeks. Pictured, heading to the Big Apple in a Lil Apple. And some welcoming bumper-to-bumper in the Lincoln Tunnel.



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