vaya con pance

it’s about being smaht November 27, 2008

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November 27, 2008: Five guys on a stage, with matching stances behind microphones, performing in what appears to be a large arena can only really equal one thing. Are you ready fo fo fo fooorrrr the New Kids oooonnnn the BLOCK! My name is Pance and for the better part of 1989-1991ish I was addicted to NKOTB. Hi Pance.

As all the best best friends do, they predict and plan the fun without prompt. And mine (thank you Spory) saved a recent Behind the Music featuring the comeback of said addiction on her DVR *just* for my visit over the last two days. So we drank some beers, queued up the tellie and giggled over our boy band crush from years past. This we did two nights in a row. And yeah, they’re old now. We’re old now. But absolutely nothing has changed.


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