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in with the new December 31, 2008

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December 31, 2008: Let me take a moment to reflect upon a year of pretty extreme ups and downs. New and strengthening friendships with Tracy and April. Up. Getting mysteriously very sick. Down. Hiking in Washington and Oregon and camping in the Adirondacks. Up. Staying pretty sick. Down. Several trips to the beach over the summer. Up. Blue and Sadie go to doggie heaven. Down. Enough energy to bike in a 55 mile tour. Up.

The mother ship Up of course being a month off from work crowned with the trip-of-a-lifetime out west. Subsequently, Up.2, the start of GoGoPance.

Whenever I buy a new box of kitchen garbage bags (tall), I always wonder where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing when I get to the end of the box. Being that I live alone and don’t produce enough waste to require regular bag replacement – it’s not unusual for a year to go by before I need a new box. We all have our hopes of what will happen, but we can never truly know. Is it weird to measure my life against trash? Suddenly “out with the old” is a very apropo motto.

May everyone capture a little sunshine in 2009.



you would even say it glows December 17, 2008

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December 17, 2008:  The swirl of the Christmas season is upon us. Social gatherings, shopping madness, work panic. Oh the pressure is too much. Howevveeerrr, there is nary a place on the planet as cool to be this time of year than New York City. Telltale by the astronomical amounts of extra people that invade the grid. It’s easy to fall in love with NYC pretty much any time of year (though I’ll argue strongly against July/August), but when Christmas lights dot every tree and store windows are worth a break in stride, December certainly takes the fruitcake. If they could only find a way to pipe Perry Como out of the top of the Empire State Building.


thanks to the giving December 5, 2008

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December 4, 2008: Not sure why I’m saddened and surprised leisure time to muse on my blog escapes me. I mean, really, Pance?! I did name it GoGo for a reason; stopping is just not in my genes. Thanksgiving was full of good times, as per usual. A Hokie win, some familial bonding, a lot of drinking and travels on the open road. Oh yeah, and turkey. Gobble gobble.  One of the highlights was a reconnection with an old, dear friend after nearly 10 years of lost time. For that, I am truly thankful. Some photo highlights below.nance-traceapril-nancytequilla-shotsnance-deck-coffee