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i see dead trees January 8, 2009

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January 7, 2009: The post-holiday time period is always sort of a let down. The unplugging of all that Christmas bling, secular Top 40 back on the radio, the smell of peppermint, sugar plums, children’s dreams, diffused. Eggnog, unspiked. What a sad, sad time indeed. Again with my NYC oddities, but this is when the carcasses start to show up curbside. In my twisted mind I imagine hip 20/30-somethings scandalously dragging naked trees down flights of walk-ups, dripping evidence (I mean needles) on every stair. On the street below, alpine rigor mortis awaits. Seriously folks, walking down any ol’ cross street in NYC is like walking through a yuletide morgue. Bodies, everywhere.dead-bodies


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  1. […] trees. They were found and promptly killed. (Which actually only gives additional ammo (pun?) to my Christmas Tree Bodies analogy from NYC […]

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