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everybody knows it’s windy February 20, 2009

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February 20, 2009: Right about now (the funk soul brothers) I get reeeeeaalllly tired of winter. Knowing I have to go outside makes me tense. I literally *dread* it several minutes ahead of go-time. I glare at my coat. I scowl at my scarf. For insta-bad mood Pance just add arctic wind.  And whilst suffering in the elements, I usually start stewing over all the other things that are currently on my nerves. The fact that I can’t see past my full head of hair that has blown from being behind me to covering my face completely goes without saying. By the time I reach my destination I’m snippy and, frankly, irrational. Which always bodes SO FABULOUSLY at work. Oh, how I long for those early days of winter nip. When being cold was cute and cozy and fresh. The late February/early March chill is just spiteful, dirty and wrong.cold-nance-blurry1


change for change February 13, 2009

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February 13, 2009: Happy Friday the 13th everyone! May no men in hockey masks cross your paths this eve.

So, speaking of bad luck… this past week I was commuting to/fro on the subway when a homeless man entered the car I was on. This is not unusual and no longer even makes me reread a sentence in my book du jour. He launches into his prepared monologue, “Just trying to get something to eat. I’m selling papers. It’s not a very safe job, but it’s an honorable job. Any spare change helps. God bless you.” Then he takes his satchel, opens it and begins his stroll from one end of the car to the other.

Few people contribute, which is also not that unusual… perhaps because he didn’t have a ditty prepared (the singers tend to garner more wages). Once he reaches the end he is audibly disappointed in the lack of procured funds. Suddenly he starts yelling, “You people on this train are CHEAP! Nothin’ but cheapskates! I can’t believe you, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so CHEAP!”

Well this is new. A homeless man with a retort! I guess it’s a sure sign of a sinking economy when even the homeless are feeling the pinch. Superfluous change is indeed a fading reality.


puttin’ on the it’s February 11, 2009

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February 11, 2009: It’s a good thing this retailer’s expertise lies in pictures, not words. img_5314


and red all over February 9, 2009

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February 9, 2009: Last Saturday I went to Macy’s (yes, the one from that parade) in search of a replacement Fossil wallet. I wanted the exact same thing I have, just a new one that’s not dying a death of threadbare. Sidenote: I went to the actual Fossil store first, and they didn’t have what I was looking for. Curious.

Turns out Macy’s was having a RED sale, presumably in prep for V-Day, and if I had something RED on me I got an additional 20% off. The cashier was halfway through explaining this when a fellow shopper bellies up right next to me and shoves a red handkerchief in my hand. “Here ya go!”

I look at her. She’s grinning crazily back at me. (In hindsight, she was perhaps just excited to be shopping in the Macy’s)

I look down at the handkerchief, hoping it’s clean (see previous flu-related post). 

I look at the cashier and think, “No freakin’ way this will count.”

As the cashier re-rings the sale with the discount, I feel compelled to prove I’m worthy of the gesture, that I don’t just always default to wearing NY black. “Well, my sports bra has some red in it, but I didn’t think I should show you that here [uncomfortable giggle].”



Oh So Blue February 2, 2009

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February 2, 2009: Yesterday, whilst making my way through the grid to our venue of choice for Super Bowling, I passed by a coffeeshop and had a flash of remembrance for ol’ Blue. I even stopped in and bought a cup o’ Joe to go, in order to preserve the moment a little longer. However, upon arrival at the bar, the waitress noticed my paper cup of coffee, from an outside vendor, and actually requested that I throw it away or that she bring me a real cup to transfer it into. Aesthetically displeasing to-go cups were just not allowed. Seriously? Coffee? I’m going to be patronizing your establishment for the next 6 hours (which translated into 3 Mimosas, 1 bourbon on the rocks, 1 vodka soda and a grilled chicken salad) and I can’t enjoy my memory in peace for the next 30 minutes?! You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but certain peole just don’t know how to pick their battles.bluedog-cafe3