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Oh So Blue February 2, 2009

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February 2, 2009: Yesterday, whilst making my way through the grid to our venue of choice for Super Bowling, I passed by a coffeeshop and had a flash of remembrance for ol’ Blue. I even stopped in and bought a cup o’ Joe to go, in order to preserve the moment a little longer. However, upon arrival at the bar, the waitress noticed my paper cup of coffee, from an outside vendor, and actually requested that I throw it away or that she bring me a real cup to transfer it into. Aesthetically displeasing to-go cups were just not allowed. Seriously? Coffee? I’m going to be patronizing your establishment for the next 6 hours (which translated into 3 Mimosas, 1 bourbon on the rocks, 1 vodka soda and a grilled chicken salad) and I can’t enjoy my memory in peace for the next 30 minutes?! You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but certain peole just don’t know how to pick their battles.bluedog-cafe3


One Response to “Oh So Blue”

  1. belz Says:

    ol’ Blue…i hope you are enjoying and endless supply of milkbones, and fire hydrants up there in doggie heaven.

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