vaya con pance

and red all over February 9, 2009

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February 9, 2009: Last Saturday I went to Macy’s (yes, the one from that parade) in search of a replacement Fossil wallet. I wanted the exact same thing I have, just a new one that’s not dying a death of threadbare. Sidenote: I went to the actual Fossil store first, and they didn’t have what I was looking for. Curious.

Turns out Macy’s was having a RED sale, presumably in prep for V-Day, and if I had something RED on me I got an additional 20% off. The cashier was halfway through explaining this when a fellow shopper bellies up right next to me and shoves a red handkerchief in my hand. “Here ya go!”

I look at her. She’s grinning crazily back at me. (In hindsight, she was perhaps just excited to be shopping in the Macy’s)

I look down at the handkerchief, hoping it’s clean (see previous flu-related post). 

I look at the cashier and think, “No freakin’ way this will count.”

As the cashier re-rings the sale with the discount, I feel compelled to prove I’m worthy of the gesture, that I don’t just always default to wearing NY black. “Well, my sports bra has some red in it, but I didn’t think I should show you that here [uncomfortable giggle].”



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