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change for change February 13, 2009

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February 13, 2009: Happy Friday the 13th everyone! May no men in hockey masks cross your paths this eve.

So, speaking of bad luck… this past week I was commuting to/fro on the subway when a homeless man entered the car I was on. This is not unusual and no longer even makes me reread a sentence in my book du jour. He launches into his prepared monologue, “Just trying to get something to eat. I’m selling papers. It’s not a very safe job, but it’s an honorable job. Any spare change helps. God bless you.” Then he takes his satchel, opens it and begins his stroll from one end of the car to the other.

Few people contribute, which is also not that unusual… perhaps because he didn’t have a ditty prepared (the singers tend to garner more wages). Once he reaches the end he is audibly disappointed in the lack of procured funds. Suddenly he starts yelling, “You people on this train are CHEAP! Nothin’ but cheapskates! I can’t believe you, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so CHEAP!”

Well this is new. A homeless man with a retort! I guess it’s a sure sign of a sinking economy when even the homeless are feeling the pinch. Superfluous change is indeed a fading reality.


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