vaya con pance

everybody knows it’s windy February 20, 2009

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February 20, 2009: Right about now (the funk soul brothers) I get reeeeeaalllly tired of winter. Knowing I have to go outside makes me tense. I literally *dread* it several minutes ahead of go-time. I glare at my coat. I scowl at my scarf. For insta-bad mood Pance just add arctic wind.  And whilst suffering in the elements, I usually start stewing over all the other things that are currently on my nerves. The fact that I can’t see past my full head of hair that has blown from being behind me to covering my face completely goes without saying. By the time I reach my destination I’m snippy and, frankly, irrational. Which always bodes SO FABULOUSLY at work. Oh, how I long for those early days of winter nip. When being cold was cute and cozy and fresh. The late February/early March chill is just spiteful, dirty and wrong.cold-nance-blurry1


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