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Baum Baum. Do Do Do Do Doooo. Doooo. March 30, 2009

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Post Disclaimer: to all of my NYC friends, this entry can be disregarded as, “Yeah, yeah… such is everyday life.”

When I first moved here I quickly learned what these posted yellow signs meant. Famous people! Right ahead! And after serendipitously passing by actual live TV/movie shoots in my 6 years of living here (gasp! 6!?!), you’d think I’d lose interest. Alas, I cannot lie. Spotting these golden beacons still stirs excitement in my veins and starryness in my eyes. What hot, new Hollywood concoction will I be IMDBing tomorrow? Who’s in it? What’s the plot? Though, conversely, it *is* very 6-years-NYer of me to feel a tad disappointed when I creep up to the sign and read that it’s just another spawn of “Law & Order.” Sigh. C’mon! 



ridin’ the web once more March 25, 2009

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March 25, 2009:  Don’t tell work, but just this past weekend I finally got internet (and cable. basic) for my apartment.  When one looks at a computer screen for 10+ hours/day, the last item on the after-hours to-do list is to stare at yet another screen, computer or otherwise. And as you’re no doubt familiar, the actual installation happens sometime within a pre-assigned 4-hour window, during which you’ll expect a visit from The Cable Guy (what would we ever do if a Cable Gal showed up?). I just wonder what you have to do to get yourself at the TOP of his list, as I’ve never, in allllll my moves and years of booking dates with The Cable Guy, actually received a visit within that window.

However, when The Cable Guy does rap on my door I answer, mentally morphing him into a Cowboy (white wirey lasso included), there to save me from certain offline death, “Ma’am, I’m here to hook up your cable.” Suddenly this sounds like a bad porno script. Oooo! Maybe THAT’S how I make it to the top of the list. Or why he was so late to begin with. img_53541


Cinco de St. Pats March 18, 2009

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March 18, 2009:  Happy day after “Go Bra!” My posse and I started a mini tradition several years back after we realized the magnitude of madness that surrounds a drinking-themed holiday in Manhattan. Brilliantly, we switch Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day. So every year on March 17 we indulge in burritos and margaritas and on May 5 we head for Guiness, a jig and the glorious buy-back rule. We avoid the dress code (just say no to shamrockwear), we still honor the celebration (just on the wrong day) and we don’t get pissed off because every bar we choose is riddled with drunkards en mass. Social excellence I tell you.

Quick pic of the Times building, taken on my way into the city (by car!) last Sunday night. It has nothing to do with Cincos or Saints. Unless you can mentally photoshop a Leprechaun in a sombrero scaling up the side. Hmmmmm.nytimes


untack! untack! March 10, 2009

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March 10, 2009: Just a little pet peeve from Pance. I see this way too often on the streets and subway platforms of NYC and I marvel at the disregard that results in such a sight.

Dear People,

Upon purchase, always cut the tacks that hold your coattails together in the store. The two sides are not meant to stay together forever. They need to break-up. There *is* life beyond the “X,” I promise.