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untack! untack! March 10, 2009

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March 10, 2009: Just a little pet peeve from Pance. I see this way too often on the streets and subway platforms of NYC and I marvel at the disregard that results in such a sight.

Dear People,

Upon purchase, always cut the tacks that hold your coattails together in the store. The two sides are not meant to stay together forever. They need to break-up. There *is* life beyond the “X,” I promise.




3 Responses to “untack! untack!”

  1. Trace Says:


  2. aaron Says:


  3. blondeinabmw Says:

    That makes me insane too! I’ve actually poked people in the shoulder to tell them to snip the stitches…what’s worse is when their badonkadonks are so large and jacket so small that it makes the flap gape open like some easy-access panel.

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