vaya con pance

Baum Baum. Do Do Do Do Doooo. Doooo. March 30, 2009

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Post Disclaimer: to all of my NYC friends, this entry can be disregarded as, “Yeah, yeah… such is everyday life.”

When I first moved here I quickly learned what these posted yellow signs meant. Famous people! Right ahead! And after serendipitously passing by actual live TV/movie shoots in my 6 years of living here (gasp! 6!?!), you’d think I’d lose interest. Alas, I cannot lie. Spotting these golden beacons still stirs excitement in my veins and starryness in my eyes. What hot, new Hollywood concoction will I be IMDBing tomorrow? Who’s in it? What’s the plot? Though, conversely, it *is* very 6-years-NYer of me to feel a tad disappointed when I creep up to the sign and read that it’s just another spawn of “Law & Order.” Sigh. C’mon! 



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