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ebreak May 27, 2009

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Where all the crap you abandoned at your ex’s apartment goes to be auctioned off once you decide it’s not worth negotiating an actual in-person siting to retrieve.spaceball2726020728_d52fa6b51b


focus May 26, 2009

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Often after uber planned events or vacations, when asked for the stories, people will respond with “oh it was all a blur!” Tons of fun packed into a condensed amount of time = foggy specifics. But I think if you actually do¬†remember it that way, *not* by each detail but as a collection of details, all swirling around you at once, that means you let yourself get caught in the whirlwind. And that’s the best part. Life is not absolute, it’s gray. Sometimes the most memorable moments aren’t crystal clear at all, but very much a beautiful blur.danceHappy Matrimony T&T! ūüôā


covered and chunked May 25, 2009

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I spent the long Memorial Day weekend down in the Dirty South… Atlanta, my stompin’ grounds for 5 years (’98-’03). Warning, sap attack!¬†It was awesome to be back, to spend quiet time with phenomenal life-long friends and to saunter down memory lane. Makes me thankful that the Path o’ Pance led me through there at all. Said friends Tina & Chris wanted an Atlanta vs. NYC blog post. Something like,

NYC = buy beer on Sundays, yay! ATL = blue laws, boooo

ATL = Waffle House, yay! NYC = ummm, boooo

Alas, I hate to disappoint, but upon landing, the flamboyant flight attendant got an extra spring in his voice as he welcomed us to “Neeeew York City!” And as much as I ache to leave the city sometimes [a lot], I’m always giddy to be back. And, for now, it feels like home. Maybe I’ll just open a Waffle House myself.IMG_5584


rush hour May 19, 2009

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Hi ho, hi ho. It’s off to stand on a platform 6 rows deep of borough-dwellers I go.

Rush Hour


sound of silence

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Yeah, so, New York is like, loud. Loud. The city shouts I tell you. Traffic, trash trucks, dump trucks, cab horns, the B61 downshift, subway brakes, subway announcements, subway anything really. Even my own melodic iPod gets to be too close for comfort.

This morning I was browsing birthday cards at my local drugstore. Sad when the section of “Cards With Noise” is larger than any other section. Whatever happened to the quiet, simple, interpersonal act of giving someone¬†a card to read? When did that gesture become not enough? With sound! With sound! Hallelujah! With sound! Thank goodness the card you gave me *actually* talks or it wouldn’t really speak to me.IMG_5545


this ad’s for you May 13, 2009

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Last night I went to my first Mets game in the NEW stadium. Oooooohhhh. Aaaaahhhh. Mets over Braves in 10 innings. Main take-a-way, besides the win, was the utter, everywhere-you-turn bombardment of advertising. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally support sponsorship. I do depend on ad revenue for my livelihood afterall. But geez louise, so much for white space. Consumers, from the “Pepsi Porch” to the “Modell’s Mo Zone,” I bring you Citi Field. These certainly aren’t your daddy’s stadiums. Hm, suddenly I’m craving a beer, but which kiiiind?¬†Advertising

Bud Mets


because we don’t have yards

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