vaya con pance

but i feel swiiiine May 1, 2009

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Survived the overnight in Atlanta and actually managed to snooze a straight 3-4 hours. Bonus. All was going pristinely according to plan until I was detained at Immigration. My agent was, I’m guessing, about 6 months pregnant and donned a face mask. Trouble. She instantly took note that I was hailing from Brooklyn and “because of the Swine Flu outbreak” wanted me examined by a Jamaican health officer before approving my entry. Said examination went as follows:

Medicalmon: Sore throat?

Pance: No.

Medicalmon: Runny nose?

Pance: No.

Medicalmon: Fever?

Pance: No.

Stamp. Stamp. Stamp. I’m in. I was duly instructed to call them immediately should I develop any scary Brooklyn-like symptoms. Those New Yorkers, so slippery.swine-flu


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