vaya con pance

havin’ a sparkly ball May 4, 2009

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Time sure does fly when you spend it doing, well, not much of anything. Tomorrow we leave paradise. Sigh. We stayed on the resort property the entire time (save for a quick walk I took down the beach only to be hounded by a gold-toothed local peddling beaded goods). When all your food, drink and entertainment are “free” there really isn’t any reason to risk changing the scenery.

Never fear, we *do* return with stories. One of which involves meeting a very nice gentleman originally from “Waahs” [Wise], ¬†Virginia who happens to prefer his cocktails frozen, blue and girlie. His name was Forrest. And back home he is the proud daddy of a rescued black lab… named Gump. Phenomenal. Forrest is part of a 120-person deep, week-long company get-a-way for Xerox. Good to know, despite the times, people are still makin’ copies.





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