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live from new york May 10, 2009

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Yesterday my friend Suzanne and I woke up at 4:30AM to attempt to score stand-by Saturday Night Live tickets. Justin Timberlake people! It’s one of those “have-to-try-at-least-once” things. Alas, our hopes Debbie Downer’ed when we saw tents covering a good half of the line. Insane. I love you JT, but you’re not worth a sidewalk sleepover… in the rain. All-in-all the experience was a fun rush and we were only about 30 people off from the win. Next time we’ll know what to do – arrive a little earlier and request Dress Rehearsal tickets instead. And the early-to-rise wasn’t entirely in vain, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast with no wait and hit the Union Square Farmer’s Market for a flora treat instead.


One Response to “live from new york”

  1. jenngator222 Says:

    In August, you email SNL to get into the lottery. i’ve gotten tix about 5 times like that! Good Luck!

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