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covered and chunked May 25, 2009

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I spent the long Memorial Day weekend down in the Dirty South… Atlanta, my stompin’ grounds for 5 years (’98-’03). Warning, sap attack! It was awesome to be back, to spend quiet time with phenomenal life-long friends and to saunter down memory lane. Makes me thankful that the Path o’ Pance led me through there at all. Said friends Tina & Chris wanted an Atlanta vs. NYC blog post. Something like,

NYC = buy beer on Sundays, yay! ATL = blue laws, boooo

ATL = Waffle House, yay! NYC = ummm, boooo

Alas, I hate to disappoint, but upon landing, the flamboyant flight attendant got an extra spring in his voice as he welcomed us to “Neeeew York City!” And as much as I ache to leave the city sometimes [a lot], I’m always giddy to be back. And, for now, it feels like home. Maybe I’ll just open a Waffle House myself.IMG_5584


One Response to “covered and chunked”

  1. Chris Says:

    Wow! My name on Go Go Pance. I am forever changed as a person.

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