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emergency care June 29, 2009

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When times call for something more satisfying than Mister Softee…
munchie machine


cheers o’ thirty June 24, 2009

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Random Tuesday night observation. I spent happy hour tonight at a see-and-be-scene hotel bar in Manhattan. During which I realized that nothing renders Corporate Americans equal quite like walking into a bar after work. Messenger bags + dress suits + heels + loosened ties + fancy back lighting = we’re all at the same party now! No matter how pissed or how poised you enter, the professional echelon slate is whiped clean. We are just alike. So order a liquor + a mixer and hang. Times could always be worse. You could be somewhere where it’s NOT 5 o’clock.


parents week June 22, 2009

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Momma and Poppa Moseley just left yesterday after nearly a week at Camp Tuk-a-Pance. Highlights included a Yankees game, a Mets game, lights and darks at McSorely’s, a trip to IKEA, round-the-world cuisine (Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Italian) and lots and lots of rain. We also tripped up to NYC’s latest buzz-worthy attraction, the High Line; one-and-a-half miles of elevated freight railway from the 1930s, recently hugged by the green police and transformed into a park of sorts. With architected weeds, street overhangs and voyeur views of $$$ condos, it’s kinda cool. And the blanket of rain was definitely a crowd-control blessing.McSorelys Beer_Edited

Rainy Street Fair_Edited

High Line_Edited



wanted for murder June 21, 2009

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The streets and avenues of New York City. The canyons of concentrated wind and rain are responsible for the innocent deaths of umbrellas everywhere. Dead Umbrella_2JPG


start spreadin’ the… wealth June 18, 2009

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Last night I went to see the Bronx Bombers in their shiny new home. Really shiny. And perhaps since ticket prices are redonkculously high, there isn’t quite as much space dedicated to advertising in Yankee Stadium as in Citifield. So happily I grew dizzy on beer throughout the night (gluten free!) and not on print media. Gate 6 even boasts a Hard Rock Cafe. Because who doesn’t want a little music memorabilia with their A-Rod. Everybody Chien-Ming Wang Chung tonight.




that’s hot June 14, 2009

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This evening I beg the question, what makes a bar cool? “I went to a cool bar last night.” “I’ve been to that bar before, it’s cool.” I guess whatever makes a watering hole cool is the same thing that makes any ol’ thing cool for that matter. Am I focusing too much on this? Several weeks ago a beer garden opened on my street. Now, ask any New Yorker and they will for sure tell you THAT’s freakin’ cool. Off-road outdoor space + direct sunlight + alcohol = “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”TBD Beer Garden


manhattan, right ahead! June 8, 2009

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When the weather is cooperating, I much prefer to be on two self-propelled tires rather than four motorized ones. So on most weekends you will find me hittin’ the bridges of New York, biking on/off and up/down the isle. It’s a strange phenomenon to actually trust cars and taxis more than pedestrians not to breaka my stride. Lollygagging Sunday strollers can be pretty unaware. Good thing I’ve perfected dinging my bell and yelling “BIIIKE!” to which they always jump back in fear (Frogger anyone?). It’s a street, people, one way or not, still look both ways. And I wonder how cyclists get a bad name. [guilty giggle]WmsBurg Bridge