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there’s no food in your food June 3, 2009

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Last night I had to taste-test some eats for work. Rough times. The AOL Food team is doing a feature ala “What boxed mac ‘n’ cheese is the best?” and needed volunteers. They had over 50 varieties so I got my pick of the litter (who knew there were so many iterations of convenience noodles and queso). Naturally, and telltale of Pance’s palate, I opt for the oddity. Road’s End Organics Penne & Chreese (TM). Yes. Chreese (TM). Pronounced “trees.” Oh how green. Not only dairy free, it’s also soy free, gluten free, lactose free and cholesterol free. Free Willy!

Verdict? Not so bad. The “Cheddar Style” powder thickens when combined with water and heat. Which I found kinda fun to watch albeit a little suspect. Now folks, don’t go beating each other with baseball bats to get a box. If we all just start to reduce, reuse and recycle there will be plenty Chreese (TM) to go around.IMG_5590


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