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manhattan, right ahead! June 8, 2009

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When the weather is cooperating, I much prefer to be on two self-propelled tires rather than four motorized ones. So on most weekends you will find me hittin’ the bridges of New York, biking on/off and up/down the isle. It’s a strange phenomenon to actually trust cars and taxis more than pedestrians not to breaka my stride. Lollygagging Sunday strollers can be pretty unaware. Good thing I’ve perfected dinging my bell and yelling “BIIIKE!” to which they always jump back in fear (Frogger anyone?). It’s a street, people, one way or not, still look both ways. And I wonder how cyclists get a bad name. [guilty giggle]WmsBurg Bridge


2 Responses to “manhattan, right ahead!”

  1. mb Says:

    nice pic.. but what did you do with all the people?

  2. Chris Says:

    I love the photo.

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