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parents week June 22, 2009

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Momma and Poppa Moseley just left yesterday after nearly a week at Camp Tuk-a-Pance. Highlights included a Yankees game, a Mets game, lights and darks at McSorely’s, a trip to IKEA, round-the-world cuisine (Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Italian) and lots and lots of rain. We also tripped up to NYC’s latest buzz-worthy attraction, the High Line; one-and-a-half miles of elevated freight railway from the 1930s, recently hugged by the green police and transformed into a park of sorts. With architected weeds, street overhangs and voyeur views of $$$ condos, it’s kinda cool. And the blanket of rain was definitely a crowd-control blessing.McSorelys Beer_Edited

Rainy Street Fair_Edited

High Line_Edited



One Response to “parents week”

  1. jenngator222 Says:

    I saw the beer pic and new exactly where you were!

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