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smell ya later July 28, 2009

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Smell is one of our strongest memory-triggers. For example, I can insta-recall any given boyfriend stint by smelling Bath & Body Works lotion. Country Apple. Ah, the good ol’ days. Mind you, the city carries all sorts of its own smells. Good = roasting (burning?) street-stand peanuts in the winter. Bad = the MTA wafting up from sidewalk grates. Or garbage. There’s lots of garbage.

Speaking of the malodorous subway… the *other* rail system accessing NYC is NJ’s Path Train. Now, the Path emmits an entirely different, yet still very discerning, smell. So much so, when sauntering down the street I can smell a Path entrance before I actually see the Path entrance. Powerful stuff. And over the years I’ve dated several boys that live in New Jersey. The intersection of 14th St./6th Avenue, conveniently suited with both a NYC subway and a Path stop, was always the scene of the you-go-that-way-I-go-this-way awkward goodnight kiss; the act of which perpetually chaperoned by that Jersey-bound aroma. Mmmmm everlasting memories. Maybe B&BW will start to market “Pungent Path.” A kiss to build a dream on.path


for shore July 23, 2009

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I went to Long Beach Island (NJ shore) last weekend for 24 hours. Living in southwestern VA from 22 years and then Atlanta for 5, the concept of “beach for the day” was a suhWEET realization when I moved to NYC. The sunset, a vast difference from the afore-blogged refraction. Now if only I owned a mode of transportation I’d be building sand castles and starting my day with crab scramble every weekend. Alas, as it is, I take what I can get.LBI Sunset


nothin’ quite like… July 16, 2009

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… a New York City sunset.NY Sunset


before and after July 15, 2009

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One of my best friends from high school married his lady love last weekend. But I don’t really have anything extraordinarily romantic or witty or moving to write to go along with this picture, I kinda just wanted an excuse to post it. Perhaps it successfully speaks for itself.IMG_5871


slain July 11, 2009

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Yesterday I hiked “Dragon’s Tooth,” a medium difficult hike that is conveniently close to home and follows partway along the Appalachian Trail. I channeled my Midwestern Pance-a-Palooza self and went solo, much to the chagrin of my parents. It took some perfected coddling and convincing ala, no, I *won’t* talk to strangers or crazy hippie through-hikers and no, I *won’t* fall off the side of the mountain or get eaten by bears (though I am in season) and, yes, I *will* make it home in time for Chinese buffet night. Ah, back to nature. Valdarah ha ha ha ha ha!

Physically challenging climb, check! Breathtaking views of my homeland, check! Back in one piece, check! Good times my friends. Good times.IMG_5833



lego my hokiebird July 9, 2009

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old ghosts July 8, 2009

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Back in my days at Blacksburg High School, as part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Awards (do these still exist!?), we had to run a mile. Now, I couldn’t run my way out of a burning building much less 4x around a track… in the sun… amongst judgmental peers and whistle-toting teachers. Dreading this day kept me up at night. My asthma was ripe at that age and any running rendered me a wheezing mess. But not wanting to be favored, I jog-walked the entire thing as fast as my engine would allow. I consistently rounded out last place. Sigh. Certain teenager death.

Flash forward. My asthma healed itself with age and I’m a bundle of physical activity. This morning I biked to the very scene of all those crimes. Goal = lap my high school self and complete the presidential mile. Well, three miles later, I’m proud to say, the track (and its associated demons) was sufficiently killed. The wicked witch is dead! Cue the roaring crowd of one. [patting self on back]IMG_5817