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time to make the coffeeee July 1, 2009

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Most of you know I like my coffee hot. Really hot. Scaldingly hot. Generally, I’ll get a cup in the AM from vendor du jour and I’ll wait until I get to the office to add skim, only because I can nuke it immediately afterward to cure any chilling that took place by adding the milk. Then I’ll end up nuking it once/twice more before I finish it. (I do still have tastebuds)

This morning I went to Dunkin Donuts. I heart Dunkin Donuts.

I order, “Medium. Black.”

When the DD lady gets to the magic coffee machine she turns back to me, “Hot?”

This causes pause. Could it be? Does she *know* me? Is there one machine that dispenses coffee HOTTER than the rest?!? YES! YES! I want THAT one! With all this swirling in my head, I fail to answer her seemingly simple question.

She repeats, “Hot?!”

Pance, “Yes…. please.”

Mind you, it doesnt even occur to me until after I leave DD that it IS summer and she meant “hot” as opposed to “iced.” But who would ever want that?dunkindonuts


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