vaya con pance

bursting in air July 5, 2009

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When you’ve seen one fireworks display, you’ve seen’em all. Sometimes they’re set to music or have funny shapes (smiley face?), but mostly it’s just several minutes of BOOM followed by a “Grand Finale” that smothers itself in smoke. Side note: every year I wonder if spectators would actually start to “boo” if there was no “Grand Finale.” Sadly, I imagine they would.

This year I watched the ‘works over Smith Mountain Lake with best good friend April and her 5-yr-old son, Caleb. Caleb had never seen fireworks before. So after two hours of watching locals get drunk and keep the funnel cake makers in business, we were more than ready for the show. And I hafta say, nothing sparks your spirit quite like watching a child, or anyone for that matter, experience something for the first time. The awe is contagious.Caleb First Fireworks



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