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when nature falls July 6, 2009

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Today Mom and I hiked up to The Cascades, easily the crown jewel of nature attractions in the New River Valley. Not to mention the image of which graces phonebook covers for several area codes. A brisk 2 miles up and 2 miles back with a packed lunch at the summit made for quite an enjoyable afternoon. When I was a younger, riskier Pance I used to climb past the “Don’t Climb Past Here” signs to the top of the falls. There are two trees along the edge I would wedge myself between and lean “safely” on to peer out over the falls. Since the ecosystem has flourished in the 10+ years since my last visit, I couldn’t see if my trees were still there. I’d like to think they are duly supporting a new generation.Mom and Me_Cascades

And here’s me doing the “Dirty Dancing.” I’m so cool.

Dirty Dancing


One Response to “when nature falls”

  1. mb Says:

    very nice!

    looks like you’re having a great time 🙂

    me jealous

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