vaya con pance

slain July 11, 2009

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Yesterday I hiked “Dragon’s Tooth,” a medium difficult hike that is conveniently close to home and follows partway along the Appalachian Trail. I channeled my Midwestern Pance-a-Palooza self and went solo, much to the chagrin of my parents. It took some perfected coddling and convincing ala, no, I *won’t* talk to strangers or crazy hippie through-hikers and no, I *won’t* fall off the side of the mountain or get eaten by bears (though I am in season) and, yes, I *will* make it home in time for Chinese buffet night. Ah, back to nature. Valdarah ha ha ha ha ha!

Physically challenging climb, check! Breathtaking views of my homeland, check! Back in one piece, check! Good times my friends. Good times.IMG_5833



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