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one casino, two casino, three casino, floor August 31, 2009

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Today’s mantra = go go go go go collapse. Rising bushy-tailed, we breakfast buffeted at Paris and then got rolling into the 100+ degree temps full on coffee, crepes nutella and warm cherry compote. Hooray for vacation validations. Today’s stops included, but weren’t limited to, many a’ tchotchke shop, the lion habitat at MGM, NYNY (because, well, who doesn’t want to walk under a gross reproduction of the Brooklyn Bridge), the Bellagio, a quick game of video poker somewhere… AND… beverage break! Sit… regroup… drink… (Ruff: “Beer thins the blood, but warms the soul.”)… AND GO! We boarded The Deuce bus for a trip down The Strip. Destination = top o’ Stratosphere. Super views. Super windy.

After dinner, Mom and I took a lovely late dip in the pool before we elevatored up Tower Eiffel for a bird’s eye night view of the Bellagio fountain show. Ruff suffered some¬†major wall-clinging height anxiety, but, upon landing, we fed him gelato and allowed him to accept some “cards with naked people on them!” So all ended well.

Oh, and please don’t ever let me sip an alcoholic drink out of a container that might have “yard” in the title or is in the shape of something other than a glass.

Atop Stratosphere

Bellagio Fountain from Paris


in flight August 29, 2009

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We’re currently soaring 38K feet (give or take a few toes) high above middle America en route to Vegas, baby… successfully hooked up with complimentary WiFi. Sweet. We’ve enjoyed a flawless day of travel today, kicked-off with an “Air Beer” at Reagan National. Those of you who know my father, know he’s a big fan of the “Road Beer;” we thusly amended the activity to suit our needs.

Post Air Beer, whilst sitting at the gate in D.C., Ruff lets out an audible, breathy [dramatic?] siiiiiiiiigh.

Pance: “What’s wrong? You nervous?” (Ma & Pa Moseley last flew circa 2000)

Ruff: “Yeah. Nervous. And excited.”

Pance: “Well, excited is good.”

Ruff: “I just don’t want it all to be over.”

Ah, a man after my own heart. Wait, switch that and reverse it. Those of you who know *me,* know I have uttered these very words over the years. I get sad at the beginning of adventures, fore-thinking to the time when they’ll be over. It’s a problem. Now at least you know I come by it honestly.

Mom, on the other hand, is hopped up on Ativan and all toothy grin. Cooool as a cucumber at Christmas. Slightly fascinated with this Ruff keeps poking, “Have you reached a state of euphoria yet?!?” Mom shoots him the hairy eyeball and breaks into ‘Age of Aquarius.’ Hm. We weren’t even halfway to Vegas when the drugs kicked in…

Air Beer



Road Snacks 2009

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The players:Vegas Baby

The game:las-vegas-skyline

The Moseleys are loading up the Family Truckster and hitting the road. Las Vegas –> Grand Canyon –> Albuquerque. Do follow along. Holiday Roooooo-ooo-oooo-ooo-ad….


you can call me a flower if you want to August 27, 2009

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Last Friday night, fast on my way to Friday Night Nesting, I made an impromptu visit to a local wine shop for some Nesting Nourishment. Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint… it’s artsy and small and unassuming in a trendy we’re-not-trying-too-hard-because-we’re-Brooklyn kinda way.

Growing up I lived in a neighborhood where all the houses matched and the streets had real dead-ends (cul-de-sacs were for, like, the rich side of town). Our home was next door to a house that was rental property, inevitably leased by Virginia Tech grad students. They always loved us, we usually loved them. Very copacetic. However, one summer afternoon (I am 5-7 years old I think), the female roommate comes a’knockin. She’s making dandelion wine and wants to know if she can pick all the dandelions in our front yard. My mother, embarrassed they exist to begin with, overzealously approves, “Yes! Yes! By all means!” Wee frowning Pance, not too keen on the situation, is thinking… “She’s going to take all our FLOWERS away!” Mom recalls that I sat at the front door and cried the entire time, watching her pick every last one of our pretty yellow flowers.

Sigh.¬†Grown-ups. They just can’t see the flowers for the weeds.

(Or maybe we’ve just had too much too drink.)

drink wine BW


thank you, forrest August 26, 2009

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More the latter, me thinks…

It Happens

(loving the, ‘Am I a lollipop or a quadriplegic?’ “i.” Kinda apropos.)


the livin’s easy August 21, 2009

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Today I woke up on the wrong side of the couch. ‘The couch?’ you ask. Yes, the couch, because the living room is where my terribly insufficient window AC is located, whirring and wheezing its way to not really cooling down my apartment. My bedroom, a swamp of heat, is impenetrable; however, I must go in once a day to retrieve an outfit. The cute, clean shirt of which will, in a matter of seconds, be shellacked to my body. Alas, I sing no song different from any other NYC dweller in ass-hot August.

When I got to the subway platform (a very special place to be in the summer) it was packed. This only means the train will also be packed. Sticky commuters strap-hanging their armpits out for all the world to smell. To my left, a rather large man whose light grey shirt was artfully spotted dark grey in sweat. To my right, hipster chick’s iced coffee condensation dripping all over my arm. Who hearts NY?! I DO!

Finally, here in the “temperature-regulated” office I sit, my [illegal] space heater cranking on my bare legs and toes. My fingernails, purple as a type. The AC in the building is just too damn strong.

Pictured: the temperature in my apartment, as the lil-AC-that-couldn’t recordedIMG_6240


speaking of… August 16, 2009

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… thought that goes forward and backward – now and again you run across actual landmarks that define the same thing. Old and New Yankee Stadium