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in flight August 29, 2009

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We’re currently soaring 38K feet (give or take a few toes) high above middle America en route to Vegas, baby… successfully hooked up with complimentary WiFi. Sweet. We’ve enjoyed a flawless day of travel today, kicked-off with an “Air Beer” at Reagan National. Those of you who know my father, know he’s a big fan of the “Road Beer;” we thusly amended the activity to suit our needs.

Post Air Beer, whilst sitting at the gate in D.C., Ruff lets out an audible, breathy [dramatic?] siiiiiiiiigh.

Pance: “What’s wrong? You nervous?” (Ma & Pa Moseley last flew circa 2000)

Ruff: “Yeah. Nervous. And excited.”

Pance: “Well, excited is good.”

Ruff: “I just don’t want it all to be over.”

Ah, a man after my own heart. Wait, switch that and reverse it. Those of you who know *me,* know I have uttered these very words over the years. I get sad at the beginning of adventures, fore-thinking to the time when they’ll be over. It’s a problem. Now at least you know I come by it honestly.

Mom, on the other hand, is hopped up on Ativan and all toothy grin. Cooool as a cucumber at Christmas. Slightly fascinated with this Ruff keeps poking, “Have you reached a state of euphoria yet?!?” Mom shoots him the hairy eyeball and breaks into ‘Age of Aquarius.’ Hm. We weren’t even halfway to Vegas when the drugs kicked in…

Air Beer



One Response to “in flight”

  1. Fletch Says:

    Bright light city gonna set my soul…

    Safe travels, looks like it’s gonna be a good time.

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