vaya con pance

one casino, two casino, three casino, floor August 31, 2009

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Today’s mantra = go go go go go collapse. Rising bushy-tailed, we breakfast buffeted at Paris and then got rolling into the 100+ degree temps full on coffee, crepes nutella and warm cherry compote. Hooray for vacation validations. Today’s stops included, but weren’t limited to, many a’ tchotchke shop, the lion habitat at MGM, NYNY (because, well, who doesn’t want to walk under a gross reproduction of the Brooklyn Bridge), the Bellagio, a quick game of video poker somewhere… AND… beverage break! Sit… regroup… drink… (Ruff: “Beer thins the blood, but warms the soul.”)… AND GO! We boarded The Deuce bus for a trip down The Strip. Destination = top o’ Stratosphere. Super views. Super windy.

After dinner, Mom and I took a lovely late dip in the pool before we elevatored up Tower Eiffel for a bird’s eye night view of the Bellagio fountain show. Ruff suffered some major wall-clinging height anxiety, but, upon landing, we fed him gelato and allowed him to accept some “cards with naked people on them!” So all ended well.

Oh, and please don’t ever let me sip an alcoholic drink out of a container that might have “yard” in the title or is in the shape of something other than a glass.

Atop Stratosphere

Bellagio Fountain from Paris


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