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caged city September 28, 2009

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Learning how to live here is an ongoing process. The trick I think, as with anything really, is in the approach. It’s easy to let the city rule you, but you have to rule the city. Respectfully, of course, or it will boomerang on your ass. Get from it what you want, leave the rest to rot in the dank subway shafts. Gotham is a feral beast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to control what it is to you, while still managing to bask in its serendipity. This, my friends, is an art. I’m not sure I’ve perfected it, nor sure I even want to.

caged city


flowers in the sun, that is what we are September 22, 2009

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Went camping last weekend in the Catskills of New York. Extensive iPhone research confirmed (because, yes, I’m interested) it’s where “Dirty Dancing” was set, though *not* filmed. We have Mountain Lake in my home parts and somewhere in North Carolina to thank for that.  R.I.P. Johnny Castle. Twas a magnificent weekend. Ranking it in Top 3 of the year. (Don’t ask me what the other 2 are, I just picked a number out of my hindquarters).

Trip included a 7-mile hike partway up Slide Mountain, dinner and breakfast grilled out, s’more perfection, sleeping in 7 layers of clothes (brrrrrr), apple picking, Otter microbrew tasting, a visit by The Firewood Guy, real estate envy, two days of cloudless blue skies and nothing to do and nowhere to be but right by the fire for several hours. The spit valve of my work week, released.

Sunday we hiked around the grounds of Mohonk Mountain House, pictured. Kinda puts my VA faves to shame (aforementioned Mountain Lake, Peaks of Otter – who knew I could legitimately use “Otter” twice in one post). Though I would trade the yuppie upstate NY vibe (and accent) for my southern gems any day. Sorry people, solidarity. Still, the joint was gorgeous. And photographs well, I might add.

Hike View 2

Mohonk House 1

sunflowers 6_fave


bikebikebike all day long September 15, 2009

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This weekend myself and a few of my best comrades biked the annual NYC Century Bike Tour. 65-ish miles over the river [and through no woods] around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Good pat-on-the-back times. Top 5 things I learned:

1) I can carry Skinny B in one hand and a coffee in the other and make it up and down subway stairs with all pieces intact.

2) Corn Dogs in the Fall not only makes a great name for a band – but they’re also quite tasty with a glob of mustard 1/2 way in.

3) I do not want to go back to East New York.

4) “Car Back!” and “HOLE!” really need to make their way into daily phraseology somehow.

5) Unlike the “Photography While Driving” I perfected last fall; “Photography While Biking” results in far less foreground bird poop.

AM down broadway

biking triboro

home stretch


here at AOL

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We don’t drink the Kool-Aid, we eat the cupcakes.AOLcupcakes


auuuuutumn in new york September 12, 2009

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For all intents and purposes, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer and the official beginning of a school year. Which means jeans and jackets and trapper keepers and football and chilly weather that smells good. As you know I’ve had some trouble with my apartment being an oven so I was hoping, upon return from the Wild West, I’d be rolling back into fall temps and maaaaybe, just maaaybe, a cool cross breeze or two. Ya know, since it was after Labor Day and all.

And what a delight last week was! Autumn turned on like a switch this year. Such a pleasant surprise that I left the house underdressed more than once. I had forgotten what brrrrrr felt like. Brrrrring it on, Fall! I heart you.


i love college September 8, 2009

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I mean, pretty much everyone loves college… name any other time in your life when you’ll purchase a mountable full-length mirror, plastic crate set or bathroom caddy ever again. Not to mention developing memories (addictions) to last a lifetime. Yep. College rules. Much like the notebook paper.

But I *love* college because well into adulthood, when party-all-night-sleep-all-day is over, one can still benefit from the glories of a college town. Namely, cheap boozin’. On the way back to NYC last night we asked Garmin Bitch to pick us a nice spot in Newark, Delaware for dinner – knowing we’d be near the University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!). It worked out oh so well. Three $2 vodka/sodas later I was grinning like a chosen sorority girl at Spring Rush. We even kicked-back to a lil dinner theater, watching the entanglements of “Anna Faris,” “5 o’clock Shadow,” “Dweeb,” “Really Drunk Girl” and “Hootie” unfold before our eyes. “Couldn’t Possibly Have On Any Underwear Girl” left the scene early. Maybe she was headed for late-night. Or maybe she was just cold.



go east young man September 7, 2009

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Yesterday, after toot-a-loo’ing the larger family unit at breakfast, the Moseley three hit the westbound highway. Roughly 10 hours later we landed once again in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for our return flight east.

Along the way we stopped at a curious place outside the Petrified Forest National Park to pick up some… well… rocks. They also had Ostriches we could feed for a price and a selection of mannequins scattered about. The only thing missing = buxom sorority girls with a car out of gas and a patch-eyed toothless guy behind the counter sharpening something shiny, willing to let them use the phone in the back.

Second pit-stop was for me to stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Oh yes. And stand I did. Such a fine sight to see.

And now, blogging from many miles high somewhere over middle America, our trip completeth. Ruff’s nose is pressed to the window looking for the mighty Mississippi and Mom is fast asleep with an open book in her lap. So long sparkly city of sin, brown desert lands, big dams, bigger holes and western kin. Till we all meet again.

petrified wood

The Corner


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