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grand dam September 3, 2009

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Traveled all day today from Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon, AZ via the Hoover Dam. It’s a well-traversed route for sure, but for us it was peppered with bottomless dam jokes and Ruff bantering to himself on seeing wide open desert for the first time. (“There’s nothin! Look at that! There’re no trees! What do people do out here for a living?!”). Add in a styrofoam 7-11 cooler full of road snacks and you WISH you were in our car.

This way to the Dam Tour (which we didn’t take). I will say, the beast is massive. Sadly, no picture can capture its scope. Fast fact = the amount of cement used to build it could also make a 4-foot-wide sidewalk around the equator end to end. (We didn’t take the dam tour, but we watched the dam movie.)

Dam Tours

Hoover Dam

Finally folks, the reason *I* wanted to come on this vacation. The Grand Canyon. Tonight we ventured into the park for a couple hours, took a sneak peak, enjoyed a Beverage Break on the back porch of the El Tovar lodge and watched the sun set over the western end. Ruff muses, “It’s magnificent in its sameness.” Hm. We shall see what tomorrow brings.GC


2 Responses to “grand dam”

  1. loul Says:

    God dam!

  2. Gittar Says:

    Now that’s a hole in the ground! But not quite as big as the pothole I hit the other day here in NY. ;-P

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