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hoooole-y hole-y hole-y September 4, 2009

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All Grand Canyon, all the time. Lots of pictures to share, though I’m painfully aware none of them come close to depicting what I saw and what I felt today. Breath taken away. Tears caught in throat. I was so moved at times, I couldn’t move. The pictures, 2-D triggers, must suffice until I pass this way again. In order:

1) Sunrise at Yavapai Point this morning around 5:45am. We shared the moment with a million other people who also read Lonely Planet’s Guide to GC.

2) After breakfast, we started down the Bright Angel Trail (one of two, I believe, that goes rim to rim); parents turned back at about half-a-mile in (again, Ruff + heights = not so congenial). Here’s a picture of me 1.5 miles down.

3) Before heading back up I made friends with a lil squirrel dude by feeding him part of my apple. While I was busy chatting up my rest-stop neighbors, lil squirrel dude climbed IN my lap, shoved the finished apple core in his mouth and scurried on his merry way. So long LSD, many happy donkey poop-free trails to you.

4) At the end of the day we watched a thunderstorm chase down the sunset, moving east to west across the Canyon. Eventually, the race produced a double rainbow, barely visible. Pictures upon request.


1.5 miles down


Rain storm


One Response to “hoooole-y hole-y hole-y”

  1. belz Says:

    awesome pics !
    would like to see the double rainbow (official request)

    🙂 too bad you cant take the squirrel home with ya !

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