vaya con pance

and many more September 7, 2009

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Last night was the big 50th wedding anniversary extravaganza for cousins Toots and Scott at their home in ABQ, NM. All four bridesmaids were present (pictured below; Mom was 12 at the wedding), along with countless family members from around the globe and even more friends. Best guess, the party topped out at around 200+ folks. All of our family originated from various parts of Virginia so, likewise, we watched the Tech game, drank beer called “Moose Drool” from a keg, ate BBQ and sang bluegrass. The “opening” band was comprised of the happy couples’ four grown children and *their* children.

If it weren’t for the two-hour time difference, the adobe-style abode and the delightful humidity-free air, it may as well have been home. And I loved it. You can take the Hokie out of Blacksburg… but they’ll just be somewhere else making everyone around them wish they were a Hokie from Blacksburg, too.

Happy Couple




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