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go east young man September 7, 2009

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Yesterday, after toot-a-loo’ing the larger family unit at breakfast, the Moseley three hit the westbound highway. Roughly 10 hours later we landed once again in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for our return flight east.

Along the way we stopped at a curious place outside the Petrified Forest National Park to pick up some… well… rocks. They also had Ostriches we could feed for a price and a selection of mannequins scattered about. The only thing missing = buxom sorority girls with a car out of gas and a patch-eyed toothless guy behind the counter sharpening something shiny, willing to let them use the phone in the back.

Second pit-stop was for me to stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Oh yes. And stand I did. Such a fine sight to see.

And now, blogging from many miles high somewhere over middle America, our trip completeth. Ruff’s nose is pressed to the window looking for the mighty Mississippi and Mom is fast asleep with an open book in her lap. So long sparkly city of sin, brown desert lands, big dams, bigger holes and western kin. Till we all meet again.

petrified wood

The Corner


Photo 1


One Response to “go east young man”

  1. Gregg Says:

    Is that a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford.. in the window? ;-P

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