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bikebikebike all day long September 15, 2009

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This weekend myself and a few of my best comrades biked the annual NYC Century Bike Tour. 65-ish miles over the river [and through no woods] around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Good pat-on-the-back times. Top 5 things I learned:

1) I can carry Skinny B in one hand and a coffee in the other and make it up and down subway stairs with all pieces intact.

2) Corn Dogs in the Fall not only makes a great name for a band – but they’re also quite tasty with a glob of mustard 1/2 way in.

3) I do not want to go back to East New York.

4) “Car Back!” and “HOLE!” really need to make their way into daily phraseology somehow.

5) Unlike the “Photography While Driving” I perfected last fall; “Photography While Biking” results in far less foreground bird poop.

AM down broadway

biking triboro

home stretch


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