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flowers in the sun, that is what we are September 22, 2009

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Went camping last weekend in the Catskills of New York. Extensive iPhone research confirmed (because, yes, I’m interested) it’s where “Dirty Dancing” was set, though *not* filmed. We have Mountain Lake in my home parts and somewhere in North Carolina to thank for that.  R.I.P. Johnny Castle. Twas a magnificent weekend. Ranking it in Top 3 of the year. (Don’t ask me what the other 2 are, I just picked a number out of my hindquarters).

Trip included a 7-mile hike partway up Slide Mountain, dinner and breakfast grilled out, s’more perfection, sleeping in 7 layers of clothes (brrrrrr), apple picking, Otter microbrew tasting, a visit by The Firewood Guy, real estate envy, two days of cloudless blue skies and nothing to do and nowhere to be but right by the fire for several hours. The spit valve of my work week, released.

Sunday we hiked around the grounds of Mohonk Mountain House, pictured. Kinda puts my VA faves to shame (aforementioned Mountain Lake, Peaks of Otter – who knew I could legitimately use “Otter” twice in one post). Though I would trade the yuppie upstate NY vibe (and accent) for my southern gems any day. Sorry people, solidarity. Still, the joint was gorgeous. And photographs well, I might add.

Hike View 2

Mohonk House 1

sunflowers 6_fave


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